Hi all

I have 4 weeks to fill a moderately specialised position with a high wage (salary)as the previous employee in this position has put in their resignation. I'm taking out interviews as the person who normally does them is on holiday or something (convenient) and I've not done hiring for many years, and certainly not for a position this crucial to the workplace.

Like I mentioned the position is fairly specialised and I am familiar with it as I work closely to who's currently in the position, another reason why I have been tasked with hiring. I was wondering how harsh I should be with applicants pre-interview? 

Many thanks :)

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Could you be more specific about what you mean by "harsh?"

If you mean being abrasive or difficult, there's no reason to bring that into the process.

If by "harsh" you mean a high focus on skills and attributes, certainly.

I'm also not sure exactly what you mean by "pre-interview." Is someone else going to be sitting in on second interviews? If so, it might be a good idea to create a list of precisely what skills and attributes you're looking for and run it by the person who will be sitting in. Once you agree on the list, you'll be able to quantify exactly why you did or didn't move an applicant forward