I found this cast super helpful. I'm job searching right now and my resume breaks a LOT of the MT rules.

What I would be interested in hearing from the team are where exceptions to the 1 Page Rule are commonplace - not just for the senior execs or the Neil Armstrongs, but in academic\a (where a CV is expected). In my experience, the public sector (certainly in Australia and NZ) generally expects 2 + pages. But are we also heading in the same direction as corporate America, and indeed the corporate world more broadly? What do the MT team advise when it comes to the government job market? What are the rules in the US? UK? Do you have much familiarity with Australian govt jobs? I feel like I'm going to need multiple versions of my resume. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing....but I want to ensure I'm using the right resume for the right situation. Horses for courses and all.

Secondly, in the cast, you advise against listing/naming  soft skills explicitly.  How does this approach fare when a hirer uses an Applicant Tracking System? This seems to go against all the advice out there for optimising your resume for ATS....that is, using the words in the job ad/description throughout your resume. 

Thanks for your (always) sage advice.