Is a hiring manager required to give you feedback for not hiring you? I assume the answer is no, they have no obligation to a person applying for a job. So I am wondering what others have done to ensure when they aren't hired, they learn from that process. And as a manager, I have always tried to provide feedback to candidates I don't hire, is that the right thing to do?


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The hiring manager is not required to provide feedback.

To learn from the experience when no feedback is given is not even necessarily the right tact. You can do everything perfectly and still not be selected. You can mess up and be selected. I think the learning process for the interview process needs to follow a statistically validated and logical model (i.e.: the Interview Series from Manager Tools).

As far as giving feedback: I will tell an internal candidate what they didn't demonstrate unless they have given me reason to believe they might argue back (instead of accepting the feedback as constructive). For external candidates, I give a one sentence "you did not demonstrate ..." if they ask.

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Yes you are right about that. The hiring manager is not required to provide you feedback. They followed a statistically way to find out the right candidate.

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There is nothing wrong in doing this as it shows your professionalism.