This forum is great ... lots of good discussions going on.

I'd like to see if anyone knows of some good "hiring practices" blogs.

Let me know if you can suggest some good ones or own one yourself.


Mike Nacke

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Welcome Mike!

One of the very helpful regulars here, wendii, has a blog I think you'll find useful. The URL is: [url][/url]

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Thanks for the advice ... I just checked out Wendii's blog and "me like"!

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Wendii's stuff is pretty amazing. I didn't know she was blogging.

Wendii, where's the self-promotion? If I had a blog like that, I'd put a link in my signature. Very nice.

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Hi Will,

I thought I did... maybe only I can see it!

I'm just glad people find it and find it useful.

Thanks for the link Maura.


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At the risk of self-promotion, I've recently started blogging about recruiting and hiring in the tech world, from the hiring manager's perspective.

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Wendii posted the link to her blog in her signature, right?