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My wife is returning to the work force after 10 years of being an at-home mom.   She's had a few months in a part time evening job, and lots of volunteer work at the kid's school during that time.    I've been using resume advice from this site (that worked great for me - an IT professional), but we're having a hard time using the MT format, coming up with accomplishments, dropping off the skills and "objective" sections, for examples.

Does the MT format and advice apply well for my wife, who doesn't have much work history?  She's got some great accomplishments from volunteering, including an award from the school district, but it's hard to fill a page.   She's more comfortable with a format that has a "skills" section where she can point out her knowledge of Word, Excel, Access, Dreamweaver, etc.    She also feels I'm mis-applying advice that's really meant for high-powered professionals and executives.

I've searched the MT site for topics related to returning to the workforce after a long absence, but couldn't find good discussions.

Any advice or comment from you find folks in the MT community?  Any good discussions that I missed?



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Hi Paul

The counseling that your spouse would find most beneficial initially is everything offered here on interviewing. She will then have two significant advantages pulling her way. I know the advice dished out here is excellent and if I ever had a candidate use the structure and professionalism that is given at Career and Management Tools I would recognize them and hire them on the spot. The second significant plus that she has in her arsenal is that I usually found women returning to the workforce had comparatively much stronger drive and desire to prove themselves. 

Be sure to tell her that she too can achieve the role of "high-powered professional" by training right here!

Good luck to her and your families future happiness.



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The question that any resume should answer is not just what skils the candidate has but what he/she done with them.

Has she made websites with DreamWeaver or maintained accounts with Excel? Saying she "knows Dreamweaver" might get some attention but saying that she "created 4 websites for volunteer organizations using Dreamweaver" is much better