What software does MT use?  

I used to use a freeware program similar but it was too susceptible to hack attacks.  I'm willing to pay for software this time so I want something decent - that allows content to be updated by community members, without requiring FTP access, etc. - that's not filled with security holes.

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What kind of software are you asking about?


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When will they come up with the truly predictive text feature for the internet?  

What kind of software does MT use for the site/board?  You've got the ability to upload content to the main site almost like posts - it looks like any user can add content, or at least comments - and the forums are integrated into the site itself rather than stand-alone or a different software made to look like it's all part of the same system.  I had a similar setup with phpNuke but we got hacked twice and even at that, the boards were actually phpBB, not part of the phpNuke piece so it wasn't truly integrated.  I'm looking to upgrade and I've had nothing but decent experiences here with the board, PMs, surfing & searching content, etc.

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