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Thank you Mike and Mark! I received Instant proof of concept about smiling and “gesturing outside of the box” today.
I had listened to “5 ways to Master Horstman’s 3rd Law of Interviewing -Part 2” at lunch and during the afternoon I practiced smiling more with my coworkers. They reciprocated with an increase in energy that lifted the afternoon slump in the office.
After work I visited a sporting goods store as I needed a replacement bike pump. I walked in and was greeted by a bored and slumped sales clerk. I immediately went larger than life with ear to ear grin and regaled her with my short and sad story of why I was there with arms falling and theatrical gestures. We went over to the section, found the perfect pump and I said that it was now time to do the dance of joy. 
When I left with my precious find, the clerk and the store manager were doing a little dance and were greeting the next customer that walked by me with 10 times (ok I really can’t measure that) energy than when I walked in. 
As I approached my car I was thinking 'I got to do that more'. Great practice for interviews and it was great fun too!