Perhaps Mark is just making these up as he goes, but I doubt it. Is there a place where I can see all of the Horstman's Laws for various topics?

Thank you.

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Attend an MT Effective Manager conference and a printed boxed set is yours...if Mark and Mike continue the practice.

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All of the answers only address the main laws, not the bylaws like the law on project management that is being podcasted at this moment. I am not aware of a comprehensive set.

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I am looking for a list or compilation of all the printed material like the resume that M&M talk about. Anybody have that? Or do I just need to search through each podcast individually?

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Slides and comprehensive podcast texts are available to paying members. They get access to a special feed.

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What about some of the free stuff like the Sample Meeting Agenda? If not I guess I will have to bite the bullet for the premium feed. It's a nice investment in the future though.

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The free stuff is available alongside the associated podcast. For example:

You should be able to access the pdfs directly.