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Hi All,

The Hot Wash concept is fantastic and while I've run several successful sessions, I'm still looking for advice on the "outcome" or "deliverable" of a Hot Wash....after I've received all the input. Although having the Hot Wash participation is a value in itself, I'd like to have a solid outcome/deliverable that can be actioned now and/or referenced for similar, future efforts.

Here's how I've been going about it:

Within WWW and TALA, I've found it's typically easy to organize the input into topics/categories.

In some Hot Washes, I can pick out recommendations for improvement.  In others, all I can really do is categorize and publish the input.  Sometimes I can identify deliverables/ideas that need further development and can delegate them to folks.

Do any of you have advice on how you handle the Hot Wash follow-up and findings? I'd appreciate it.





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Jill, I keep the deliverable of a hot-wash to two lists, as in the cast, "what went well", and "take a look at" - don't overthink this. Share the list with those who were present at the "hot wash" WWW/TALA meeting. Simply capturing the two lists is a huge improvement.

As for deliverables on the lists--I tear a page from the  "How to Set Annual Goals" cast and have deliverables be measurable and time specific: PM me if you would like to know more about how I report status on activities in this context.

After that, I'm spinning off multiple projects or activities depending upon the deliverables. For example, process improvements often involve multiple stakeholders for activities on the "take a look at" (TALA) list. Even the most successful projects have communication failures I want to avoid in the future which (by definition) involve multiple parties for which I only have influence rather than formal authority. The result is that I must work through extant governance groups and change management processes.

For things that went well, it is easy to *thank* the folks that helped make it happen and provide appropriate feedback to directs.