During a one-on-one I had with one of my direct reports we came up with a brainstorm. So I'm posting this to see if anyone else has tried this and what their experience has been.

This person and I both listen to the MT podcasts. During our one-on-ones we discuss some of them as they pertain to whatever we are working on at the moment. It hit us, why not have a monthly lunch -- brown bag -- and invite our teams to start listening to the podcasts and then discuss them at lunch.

We thought we could assign four to six per month and then discuss them over a monthly lunch. Has anyone else tried this? What has been your experience? Any insights for us?



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Yes, there's another company doing this too. Moreflavor in Concord, CA. They were at the SF Conference. Great people.

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It sounds like an awesome idea!

I don't think I could do it here. Despite my being the MT poster child for the U.S. Census Bureau, I currently do not know anyone else that I can talk about this stuff with. (Open invitation - if you work at Census, PM me!)