Just finished my one page resume...It took a while, but now it is full of all the right stuff. My previous years performance reviews were very helpful (I happen to work for one of those large multinationals who have a very formal employee assessment and development system - a good thing)

Recruiters often ask for a cover letter. Now I know this should not be rocket science, but would appreciate your guidance to make it effective.

By the way - thanks to you and Mike - you have put together an amazing resource for new and old managers alike. I have recommended to most in my network.



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Hi Colin

I think the advice M&M give about the first 10 minutes of the interview apply to the cover letter. Your first paragraph is the equivalent of the first 10 minutes, so you should do whatever you can to show enthusiam and pop that will differentiate yourself.

By this, I don't mean putting hidden graphics and emoticons. I mean stating things about how this is exactly what you are looking for, a statement about you being a good fit and general excitement about the opportunity. After that, you can show your technical skills/experience. Hope this helps.


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Remember the message of the cover letter - I'm Interesting Enough that You Want to Read My Resume. Everything about the cover letter goes towards that.

General format -
Paragraph 1, state the purpose the letter. Also include your source, where did you locate the contact information. "I would like to apply for the position of Chief Garbage Collector ..."
Paragraphs 2-3, fit for the job and unique qualifications. "I have been involved with garbage collection for 25 years, including 15 years in a management position. During my career, I ..."
Paragraph 4, CLOSE. Tell them what you want them to do. Asking for an interview logically leads to the close. "I would like to interview for this position..."

I'm away from my resources, but hopefully this helps.


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Take a look at [url= Lucht's "Rites of Passage" and his workbook[/url] for some good tips on cover letter writing.