If you are asked, for anyone, either  direct, co-worker or some one in the company,  about how much you earn or other personal question or something job related but that you can not share for any reason, what is the proper way to answer without sounding rude or answering the wrong way?

Thank you

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I start with "Why do you want to know?"

Find out the reason.  If it is gossip, then you can decline to answer, with "I'm not able to share that information" or "I'd rather not share that".  Don't explain or try to soften the blow.  If they are fishing for gossip, a direct, short answer shuts down the conversation.

You may find out they have a legitimate reason or are looking for information but ended up asking an inappropriate question.  You can redirect the conversation to what you are willing to share.

Also, some people are very open about their personal business (salary, bonus, tax bracket, investments, alimony....) others are not.  If you are not, don't feel like you should be.

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Think of it as the way you respond when a direct gives you pushback on feedback or a shot across the bow.  You don't respond or validate your feedback.  You might repeat the feedback but you don't get into a discussion about it.

"I am not comfortable talking about this, thanks" is all you need to say.