Other than "head on" what is the best route to take when creating action plans for a sales team (2008 planning session coming up very soon, and yes it's a little late to be doing). I don't recall any of the casts covering this specifically and wondered how similar to performance management this topic may be.

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Do you have goals? If you don't, that's the place to start. Without purpose, action is just a bunch of running around.

Goals podcasts:

If you have a goal and are trying to determine what actions to take to achieve the goal, I recommend brainstorming with your group to begin listing everything that [u]could[/u] be done to achieve the goal. That brainstorm list is a great starting point to begin developing an action "plan".

I love the M-T brainstorming tool and use it regularly to generate a starting list of "ideas" for developing pretty extensive project plans.

Brainstorming Podcasts:



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I think brainstorming to set the goals and how to achieve the goals is a great idea. I also wanted to say that brainstorming has the added benefit of creating buy-in. Nothing like letting people set their own goals and methods to overcome resistance in advance.