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Is there a podacast that talk about how an employee who feel was not promoted or he was not rewarded shall behave?




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 I am assuming you are asking how you should behave in this case. You must maintain  a professional demeanor at all times at work. If you feel that you were unfairly passed up for a promotion you need to think about your fit for the role. If you have a good relationship with your manager, ask for feedback. Look at what you need to do in order to show senior leadership that you are ready for more responsibilities. 


If you have a direct thatay fit the situation you should expect the same but you can also listen to the cast about the disgruntled direct. 

Hope this helps. 

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well, kind of: How To Manage A Disgruntled Non-Promoted Direct

Long answer: Are you actually considering in behaving in any manner other than a professional one? 

I could be wrong, but it almost seems that you think it's all their fault and if you show them how stupid they were then they'll change their mind. Unfortunately that sort of thinking maybe the reason you didn't get promoted. 

Look at what you can do to improve. I'd suggest the Giving updates in staff meetings podcast, and any networking podcasts you can find.

Good luck



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I'm looking for a way to behave professionl to overcome a feeling that might be wrong.
It stemmed from seeing a new colleague email signature.



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It is really hard to change how you or someone else feels...they are often reactions to situations that you have little control over.  On the other hand your behaviors you can control.  I would suggest focusing on what a professional behavior in the situation would be.  Remember Mark's umbrella story - they just poked you with an umbrella you got mad all on your own.  It might help if you could give us more to work with - I think we have your bluf - but we don't have any details.

Hope that helps.