Hi all,

I have someone on my linkedin contact list whom I don't know and can't seem to figure out where or how I met her. Still, I'd like to establish a relationship but am not sure the best approach to do this. I'm a bit hesitant to write for fear of coming across as rude or anything (social skills are not my forte...). Any suggestions on how to best approach this?


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Hi X -

Saw your name on my contacts list and realized we hadn't spoken in a while.  How have things been with you?

(Then just add a simple 3-4 sentence paragraph catching them up with what you've done)

Warmest Regards,



You can follow up with questions based on their answers and a review of their profile.  I wouldn't be too concerned about your social skills.  Most peeps on your contact list are going to start with a favorable opinion of you.  Odds are they already like / respect you!


Hope that helps.


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So, what I've beend doing all along? good to know :) Of course, this raises the possbility that she may ask where she knows me from... Hopefully she keeps better track of this than I do... :p

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Linkedin used to have place for saving how you met someone, but they dropped that feature.