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Hi All-

Not sure where to go to post this question so figured here would be as good as any... first off- I love MT- originally I found it when I decided to up my job search, and directly because of MT;  I landed my dream job. I get to travel all over the world doing management consulting for a fortune 100 company, and I love it! I can actually say I love what I do and really mean it. 

I have been at this job a year now and have been listening to and applying the 18 months to getting promoted series, i have been giving 150%. working 10-12 hour days (sometime 15),  boosting my network, and I have asked for (and received) a wonderful mentor. I am asked to have more and more responsibilty; seen as a leader among my peers and consitently deliver. I have been getting consistent and positive feedback. 

My question: I was highered at the lowest possible job grade, I am currently and individual contributor and a really strong one. But what do I need to do to show that I would be a good Manager:  I recently obtained my PMP certification (in August), I have been trying to lead through influence power.and have been in charge of an entire implementation of over 300 people. Is there a silver bullet that I am missing? or is there a Podcast that I can listen to, maybe to check off to see if there is anything I am missing? I just dont wanna be passed up after working so hard cause of something stupid.

For full disclosure: At one point I did have a reactionary moment during this implementation, when I first discovered that the scope of the project I had with little to no support and no communication about how I was going to do it. I panicked, and reactively called my boss to ask her how she expected me to do this big hairy implementation with no support. And... ((wince)) to make matters worse-  I freaked out while her boss was in town and subsequently freaked him out. I got the help I needed, and talked him down -and I broke my cardinal rule of "NEVER make your boss look bad".

This is the reason why (they said) they didn't promote me for this next implementation. since I can never show emotion in front of the team- especially when a lot is asked- or its something that I dont agree with. Which is totally fine- lesson learned.


I trust my management,  And I trust their decisions (They are some of the most brilliant people I have ever worked with). however I also am trying to leave anything to chance (In my span of control). 

I really appreciate any advice!