As a young man I had a few indiscretions which followed me through until I turned 21.  I learnt my lesson and have kept my nose clean (for the last 8 years). I am a degree qualified youth worker and have almost finished a master of social work I have also been employed in the sector for 10 years. 

I have just applied for a position as a Manager in a local council youth service and was wondering how to approach this with the interviewers? 

My record was for breaking and entering and handle stolen goods. I have approached this in interviews in different ways but was wondering what the MT/CT forums thought.

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Hi Agarth,

I used to recruit for these kinds of roles in a local council, and believe it or not, it's an asset.

I'm 99% certain you'll have a CRB check and it'll come up anyway. The people we used to employ used to have 10 pages or more on the CRB checks, which is a lot of minor offences!

The people you'll be working with will either already have criminal records or be likely to get them. The fact that you have been there, and changed your life around will help you understand them and give them a message that there is a way out.

Think of it positively, and bring it up when it seems appropriate to the question you're asked in the interview.


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Can you get your record expunged?