In the latest 'Things I Think' the following was shared in reflection on the reading of the HBR article:


  • CEO’s work 9.7 hours per weekday.  If you’re not a CEO and working that many hours, you’re working too much.  Go home.
  • CEO’s work 4 hours each weekend day, on average.  Not necessary if you’re not a CEO.
  • CEO’s average 62 hours a week.  You should be less.
  • CEO’s average 7 hours of sleep a night.  Go to bed.
  • CEO’s have hobbies, and spend a reasonable amount of time with their families.  If they can, you can.


While the above sounds great and I agree, if I were to present this to my director, I can guarantee the response would not be, "Hey, that's great advice!" but rather, "Follow the model of the CEO!"

Thoughts, anyone, as to what rejoinders one might have to this?