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Hi folks, would like to get your opinion. I've had a situation where I'm hired to accomplish a very tough goal. When I got in and got the target, I was told it would be very achievable. My team tried our best and pulled everything out of the hat, but because it was a covid induced demand, and covid was coming down, we could never achieve targets. I'm sure my team could have done a few things differently and got slightly better results but bottom line is that we would have still missed it by a mile.

I had trouble navigating this because my boss has promised his boss the numbers and doesn't want to / can't reneg.

During my year end review he told me that it's true. I was right, and he was wrong. He saw the same trend globally after I talked to him about it. But the numbers could not be changed, I got a bad review because of that.

My question is... How could I have managed this better?