Hi there, 

I am trying to describe my language skills on my resume and wondered: 

- are there standard terms used to describe skill level?  

- where and how should I include this on the resume (assuming it's appropriate to include)? 

Thanks very much for any guidance anyone can offer. 



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This is a great question that I recently asked myself while I was trying to update my resume.

Here's what I did. I added it after the education section. I guess it depends on how much room you have left on your resume and how relevant it is for the position you're applying for.

Language skills

German - fluent in speech, writing and reading
Spanish - proficient in speech and writing, high level of comprehension ability

Please correct me if I'm wrong. I have found that the more specific you are the better. Just writing "Advanced" doesn't really give anyone an idea of how well you can speak or understand the language.