I'm curious if there is any resource available that would allow me to find companies in my area who are either clients of Manager Tools or who subscribe to the MT philosophy.  The more I listen to the manager and career tools, the more I want my next boss to be an MT manager!  The excellent advice and wisdom Mark and Mike give is so incredibly different from my experience in the work place thus far.  I would love to have an employeer who values One on Ones, Feedback, Coaching and Delegation (just to name a few)! 

I've been employeed by the same company in Southern California for the last 10 years and I feel increasingly open to new opportunities.  I have my resume ready and I'm starting to research strong companies.  This will be my first big career change and I want to be very intentional about moving to a company who values management. 

Other than these on-line forums and the Linked In Group; does the MT community ever offer any face to face "networking" opportunities?  Aside from the job search, I would enjoy meeting other locals to discuss the recent podcasts/ basics etc. 

Any suggestions? 

Thank you!

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Keep an eye on the forums to see if there is a Meet-Up group near you.
You may also find out about meet-ups through the FaceBook and LinkedIn groups.
It will give you a chance to meet like minded people and to help round out some of your skills.
There is a section of the forums dedicated to these meet-ups.
If you don't see one locally, start the thread yourself and see if anyone else wants to join in.

Keep in mind that several of the tools MT uses are in place with many companies, just not as neatly packaged as the MT format.

Good luck in your search.

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Mac, thank you for your suggestons!  I will check out the forum and LinkedIn groups more.

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