All the shows don't show up in iTunes. How do I get the archived podcasts?

The easiest way to get ALL the podcasts is to use the Members-Only Feed. You'll need to be a Registered Member (free).

Registered members of Manager Tools get access to a special RSS feed. What makes this feed special?

  • Available to members only
  • Contains ALL the weekly podcasts -- yes, ALL the weekly podcasts in one single feed. No more going to the website to download the archived podcasts.
  • All the special member-only monthly podcasts are in the SAME feed. One feed, with everything you need!

The URL for the members-only feed is:

If you're unsure of how to add the new feed to iTunes or your podcast aggregator, please see the Subscribing to Members-only Podcasts via iTunes page.

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Thanks for making the old podcasts available! Through an odd setting in my iTunes program I had been loosing miscellaneous posts. It's great to have one place where they all reside.

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I subscribed to the podcast on iTunes, but it only goes back to 3/2/08. Is there any way to download the "Basics"
Using iTunes?


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I went to your website with my phone and clicked the download mp3 link and it worked.

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If you subscribe to the Registered Members feed above (, you'll have ALL the casts in iTunes. I suspect that you're currently subscribed to the normal cast as listed in iTunes.


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I've recently switched computers, and cannot download from any of the iTunes feeds on my new PCas it's not recognising my password. I've tried changing my password and this isn't helping.

Has anyone had a similiar problem? Any tips on what I should do would be greatly appreciated.



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Just to be clear, are you attempting to download the feeds using iTunes or via your browser?

If you're using iTunes, what happens when you type the URL into your browser and attempt to access the feed that way? Does it accept your username and password then?


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Hi Mike,

I'm attempting to access the feeds through iTunes. The feeds are recognised, it's just the user name / password combination which aren't accepted so I'm repeatedly asked for them. I can still access the feeds that do not require a password without problem.

Best Regards



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If you go to the page for that podcast, there's the description, then the play on the web doohickey and then the extra content as you move down the page.

To find the podcast page, either go to the newly brilliant search box in the top right hand corner or go to the podcast tab and select 'all podcasts'.

Hope that helps


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There are literally *thousands* (probably tens of thousands by now) of managers regularly applying Manager Tools guidelines.

I've attended a Manager Tools Effective Manager Conference and met many leaders from world-wide companies who apply the effective practices taught by Mark and Mike.

Welcome to the Manager Tools forum!

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Brian, you can start practicing now on the social skills that you will need. Maybe sign up for Toastmasters... but if nothing else, start where you're working now. Develop relationships with people in other departments, starting with those your department directly interfaces with.

Seriously, I started (not with an eye to management at the time, but I think it helped!) by realizing that I tended to treat people who walked up to my desk as if they were interrupting something much more important than whatever they had to say. So instead I started greeting them cheerfully and LOOKING AT THEM while they talked to me. (Apologies if that's not a problem for you... but it does tend to be for techies.)

Here's another example: if someone starts getting wound around the axle about something, instead of just thinking "geez what's the big deal," ask them something along the lines of "so what kind of problems does that create for your department?"

In other words, cultivate an interest in what the other departments do and are up against. And if you discover a way that you could be of service, offer your services or propose it to your boss.

If nothing else, this sort of thing will get you thinking like a manager.

Some MT podcasts that come to mind as applicable to your issues: "Micro-Communications," "How to Be Effective in Everyday Conversations," "How to Politely Become Part of a Group," and the VERY FIRST MT podcast, "Solution to a Stalled Technical Career."

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You have conquered the first challenge, you see the issues you are confronting and have decided that you can decide to be more effective. As you will hear over and over, it doesn't matter that you think of yourself as the "typical" IT guy. Not at all. You can decide that you are going to practice more effective behaviors no matter how you feel. It is essentially putting your own self (and your fears) aside to do a better thing.

Don't let it be an excuse that you don't work for a "manager tools" boss either. I can't think of any more effective lesson than the one that I learned working for a terrible boss for over 15 years. It spurred me on to do better, as most struggles in life do. The lessons that you learn here will be valuable in any work situation, great boss or not.





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Hi folks,

For some reason iTunes has not picked up the podcast "Making Decisions Effective" dated 10/19/2008 in the members only feed. It found part 2 from 11/17/2008; before listening to that I went looking for part 1. Found it on the MT website and on iTunes via the generic (non-members) page of the podcast directory. Is it me or is it missing from the members only feed?


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Had tried refreshing, used ALT key etc etc, then tried Shift key as per another post in the FAQ "I deleted an older show in iTunes. How do I get it back?" and it was there. Not that I ever deleted an MT podcast in the first place!


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> Not that I ever deleted an MT podcast in the first place!

Good to hear ... I was getting a bit worried. ;-)


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When I click on the URL to download all podcats the URL for the members-only feed it asks for a password. I tried several time to enter the manager tools password but it keeps saying it's wrong even though i just logged onto manager tools with it. Any ideas.