I work at a real estate office on weekends while I am going to school at a local community college. Fall quarter is going to be a slow quarter for me and there is a position opening up at my office during the weekdays. My boss has offered me the job as transactions coordinator about three different times and I have not been able to take the job due to me going to school. I know the position will be opening up soon. How should I approach her to ask if I can have the job? If you could give me a suggestion, that would be of great appreciation!

Thanks guys, and keep up the great work!!!

Lucas Knutzen
Tukwila, WA

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Okay, what am I missing?

Go up to your boss, and ask, "Hey, you've offered me this job a couple of times before. I always appreciated that. I haven't been able to say yes, but I'd like to make it work this time. Can we talk about it?"


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I know I'm six months late on this. I ran a little side business for a couple years. I quickly went from web designer to salesman. It was horrible! I'm a C for goodness sake! But my partner was a natural salesman. The biggest thing I learned is that [b]the answer is always "no" if you don't ask![/b]

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I can't count the number of times I tell my kids that. "If you don't ask, you'll never get X."