One of my subordiantes has a very serious problem with bad breath. It is getting to the stage where it is effecting her job - my Director has got to the stage of not talking to her, and sending all work through me (she is his PA as well as my support)
I don't know how to approach her regarding this matter. I have tried offering her mints - but she doesn't like mints :? - and when i have given her constructive feedback in the past, she has taken it very negatively.
How do I approach this very personal matters now that it has become a professional problem?
Any help would be great



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Give her feedback about it. We have a cast coming out soon, I think, about the body odor conversation, and you will be able to leverage that into this situation.

Her taking it badly is not a reason for you not to do your job. (though your boss is embarrassing himself as well.)


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Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I will bite the bullet and hope she doesn't take it too badly.

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Hi Liz

I notice that you are a fairly new member. This could mean that you have been listening to the podcasts and reading the forums or that you are new to Manager-Tools and have not accessed this material.

If you have not listened to the podcasts as of yet, there are a number of excellent ones on Mark and Mike's feed back model. They are gold. The more prepared you are and confident in your delivery of the feedback, the better it will go.