I am the Junior research scientist at my company and I have reason to believe that the Senior research scientist is about to resign (there are only 3 of us). He may not...but I want to be prepared when I walk in after the Labor Day holiday and my work load is doubled.
What steps I can take to prepare?

Also, there's going to be a "power" vacuum and I want to gain as much responsibility as I can without being a punk about it.
What should I watch out for in the wake of this resignation?


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What's your relationship with him like? If it's good, ask him.

I don't know about the Machiavellian approach. Me, I'd look at what makes the most sense for the organization. What is he working on? What are you working on? Is there an opportunity to work more closely with him? If there is, then you'll be more familiar with his work, easier to step in and help the organization.

Be a team player. You might miss one or two opportunities in your career, but you'll probably make that up and more. And most importantly, you'll sleep well at night.

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I'd review all my own work, and prepare a status report on it. I'd think carefully about what the senior person is working on and consider what you could assist with.

If you believe you're capable of stepping up, take these two pieces of work to your boss and suggest you'd like to help, or be considered for the role.

All of this will mean little if your work hasn't been done well.

Good luck!