So this is a little long, but will try to wrap it up as much as I can.

So about a year ago I started a new job, an entry level one. Needless to say everyone is very impressed, all the execs are and basically I have become a "rockstar" at the company. I was even told the company is ready to invest in my talent (what exactly does that mean?). Love the company and love the job.

Come October, my department gets restructured. I no longer work for my boss and I am now moved under a person that started only in October. Here is the thing. This new boss is completely and entirely incompetent. Here are examples:

-He has no idea what I do for work nor cares.
-Misses all his deadlines.
-Does not submit my reimburstment documents on time, so the money I spend out of my pocket for business takes more than a month to get reimbursed for when it should only take less than a week.
-Is always on the phone talking to friends or family
-There are days where he does not show up to work and doesn't tell anyone anything. For instance it
could be a Friday, and you have a meeting with him, an important one. Never came into the
office that day nor contacted you to let you know.
-My annual review is coming up in a month and he had no idea what my R&R was, and asked me for copy of them so he could write a review
-Has no idea what the deparment budget is because he looked at it for the first time on Monday.
-Does not communicate with anyone
-Has anxiety attacks constantly
-Never wants to have team meetings
-The few meetings he has are a complete MESS. He literally wants to have a meeting with me, and
then tells me "I don't know what we are going to talk about" and continulously walks out of the meeting because he forgets stuff
- Late to every meeting
-Is always lost and you literally have to hold is hand for everything
-I give him important information regarding a project, totally disregards or forgets about it, so when it's time to execute something where that information was absolutley necessary it blows up and turns into a mess of people arguing and confused across departments.
-I work much more than him. I work 50-60 hours a week, he works 40 or less.
-Can't make decisions. Actually asks me to make decisions for him.
-My duties are actually much more complex and senior than his.
-Everyone is on the attack now. The different departments that have to work with this boss as well are right now scratching their heads saying WTF is wrong with him?
-Because my boss has no idea what I do, I have to oversee everything myself. I have give myself my own deadlines, because he doesn't know how to. I have to create my own projects and I have to set my own guidelines and assignments. My boss does not oversee me at all. No guidance or anything at all. Which is ok, because I am doing just fine, but it would be nice to have someone that I can get guidance from when needed.

I am completely frustrated. But to add on to that. My old boss quit after the restructuring happened to be an executive (my new one is not) and they decided not to fill my old boss' position. Instead they are giving my old boss' duties to me on top of what I already had (hence me now working 50-60 hours a week). My new boss isn't getting a single thing. I think that says a lot that they are handing over executive duties to me, but not to my new boss. Further to add to that frustration, my new incompetent boss is besties with the CEO which is the real reason he got hired and why I am scared to say something.

So what do I do? Everyday it's something new. My boss' boss really likes me. TBH as well, I don't understand the restructuring either. about 85% of my work I do on my own and my new boss really doesn't work in that realm. The other 15% is related to the line of work my boss does. To explain it, it's kind of like putting a finance person under HR. There is overlap but very little not a good marriage. So that is what I am under. So I am thinking of talking to my boss' boss and suggest that my duties really are not aligned to what my current boss duties are. That my duties are better aligned with the director of _____(don't want to give too many details) which in all honesty is more aligned with my duties.

So I don't want to throw my boss under the boss. I merely want to suggest that my position makes more sense under someone else. Is that a bad idea? I just don't know what to do!

Also second question. Seeing as I was entry level and have now been give executive duties I should expect in a month (when I get my review) a promotion and significant salary increase correct?

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  Apology accepted. -RC

oh, and ps, don't throw your boss under your boss...that has sexual harassment written all over it.

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That's a tough situation, especially if this person and the CEO are friends. 

Continue to be professional.  If people from other teams are already "WTF-ing" your new boss, hopefully he or she won't last long in that role.  You have larger responsibilities and are doing them well.  Trust that the company will see that and reward it in the long run. 

When it comes to your year end review and raise - no, I wouldn't expect it this year, since the new guy doesnt really know your responsibilities and sounds like a bit of a weasel.  At least not if you leave it in his hands.  The best thing you can do on that front is listen to the "preparing for your review" cast.  Basically, write your own review, complete with accomplishments related to each of your responsibilities, and hand it to him/her on a silver platter. 

If you continue to be the utmost professional in this situation, you could lay the groundwork for a promotion when this guy gets kicked to the curb (though, given that they have a personal relationship with the CEO, that might never happen).  Especially because of that relationship, DO NOT take any action to undermine him, get him in trouble, or get this guy fired. 

Do your job exceedingly well, and protect the company and their interests in spite of this person.  If you have regular meetings with the person who could decide to move you into a new department, you MIGHT be able to get away with proposing a realignment... but if you don't have a regular forum with that person, going to them out of the blue to suggest it could backfire in a big way.  If a position in another department opens up, that could be a way out too. 

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of doing your job, and all the new responsibilities, well is that you'll have plenty of accomplishments to include in your resume.  It never hurts to have that in your back pocket just in case your boss never wakes up and is never shown the door.

Your frustration can drag you down or it can motivate you to learn more and deliver outstanding results so your group and your company succeed.  This is a great opportunity to make your own luck.  All the best!


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