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How do I know if I'm not giving enough feedback?

Is there any self-test to check this myself? Besides asking my people?

I'm probably not giving enough feedback, but I'm just curious about different ways to verify this.


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Oooh, there are some people who aren't going to like this...

If you have more than 5 people working for you, and you're not giving feedback every day and usually 2-5 times a day, you're giving too little.

Of course, it's much easier to tell when you're giving too little to poor performers... there are signs of the train coming off the tracks. It's the top performers towards whom we must be vigilant. No feedback for them will still get you good performance... but it may also create retention issues.

Another good way... you know you're giving enough when folks ASK for it. That means they're comfortable with it.


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So, if my directs are asking for feedback then I must be giving enough already.

Oh wait, they are asking because I rarely give feedback, whoops!! :P

Just kidding around here Mark, I have 5 directs and know I am not yet giving feedback every day. Still working to get more comfortable with it. At least my directs don't have that fear of death stare when I ask them now, "Hey, can I give you some feedback". Its typically a simple, "sure". That tells me its getting better.

jonp, I think if there is any situation where you think to yourself during or afterwards that you COULD have given feedback, but don't or didn't, then you KNOW your not giving enough feedback. That is what happens to me anyway.

I think if your directs ask you to stop giving you so much feedback, then you might have gone too far...
Keep practising!

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Thanks Mike and Mark. That helps.