I work for a small company of 12 and have around a week left of my month notice period (I live in the UK so six weeks is a little long!). I am moving to take up a project manager post. The job is a big step up for me and I am very excited at the prospect. All my colleagues have been wonderfully supportive and eased my departure.

I would not have been looking for another job were it not for my MD's total lack of communication both on a day to day basis and long term, often promising me projects and promotions that she never kept and her general lack of managerial skills. Since submitting my resignation I have not heard one word from her (I work off-site). I have been a model employee and in my last appraisal 'a great asset to the company'. I know I have a good reference as it is being done by my line manager who also told me that I will be 'greatly missed'.

With a week to go I wonder how I should approach this. Should I make an approach, send a letter or card or simply leave without comment?

This is my first post and would be grateful for any thoughts and suggestions.


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Make an investment in cementing the relationships that you already have. This is covered in our resignation cast... have lunch with friends and associates, and promise to (and then actually DO) stay in touch.

One never knows.