How do you encourage other people to practice the Management Trinity or at least, listen to the podcasts? 

I'm talking about other managers, non-peers; but simply friends and colleagues. 

A little more background, I am taking up my MBA, I am a young manager, 25, and really saw the change that happened to my work and my team's work when I applied the Trinity. 

And, just like any other believer of something, I always encourage people to listen to MT. But somehow, I can't seem to get much success there. Most of the people I share MT with are my friends and classmates here at my MBA who are managers as well. 

Some conversations with them really described what I was doing before. They (including me) are frustrated with their MBA classes because these are 99.99% theoretical and cannot be applied on their daily activities as a manager - which is answered by Manager Tools. 

So how do you start or communicate with your friends and colleagues (outside work) to try out Manager Tools and apply the Management Trinity? 


PS: I saw a post before about "the best management advice I ever received" which sounds great, but people usually ask more and find a reason to believe that, bluntly, what they were doing is wrong (or at least, there is a better way). 

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Great question.

There is an old saying, that 'when the student is ready, the teacher appears'.

In a lot of ways this is true for managers and MT.  As Mark says so often, 'when I was XX I thought I knew everything'.  Unfortunately, many managers who could use some MT guidance are at a stage in their life/career when they think they already know it all and aren't listening.

That said, it is relatively easy to have people reporting to you practice MT.  You are their boss and you can simply insist.  My directs have picked up MT and run with it quite effectively.

For peers, I've found that there are sometimes discussions around process, or development or difficult situations where I have been able to offer some MT suggestions into the conversations.  If there is interest in the suggestions, I let them know where I got them from, extoll the virtues of MT and follow up with a link to the cast or otherwise on their website.  If they are the 'ready student', they follow the link and begin their journey towards productivity and effectiveness.  If not, they may ask me again one day and I'll send them back to MT.

Hope that helps





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Thanks Kevin. That mindset will definitely be my comfort (just like what Mark says, we'll console ourselves at being right, haha)...But kidding aside, it's just that it's so sad that they continue being ineffective (not wrong, as indicated in my original post). I was like that before and because of the change I saw in me and my team when I applied MT recommendations, I reallllllyyyy want others to, at least, try it out. It's not the best way, but it is ONE way that works. Well, maybe it's because I'm a High C that I understand the logic behind it - why make mistakes when here is a solution that works. 

As for directs, I'm transitioning to a new job, and my (new) directs are individual contributors so I am already thinking of how to share Career Tools with them. I haven't had the chance to climb the corporate ladder as I'm still fairly young (25). But I do keep that in mind.  In my current (soon to be previous) job, I had my team practice the basics of Career Tools, like effective meetings (agenda, fixing responsibilities, etc.), career documentation, owning the inputs, etc. All of which I am planning on rolling out, in time, at the new organization I'm entering. 

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I want to encourage my directs to do O3s with their own directs. I thought I remembered there being a cast, or some material on the website to help directs get across the trinity. Am I imagining things?

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Hi Chops,

You aren't wrong.  It is called Rolling DOWN the Trinity.  Basically, you can insist that your portion of the organisation follow this path.  Don't let their desire to do something else or do nothing prevent you from doing what is effective.

Kind regards


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From time to time I forward M-T guidance and motivational stories to my peers. Usually it relates back to something they are experiencing. Through their comments, I gain an understanding of who is open to trying a different way. It cases where M-T touches upon something I know to be of particular interest I share the information without regard for “how” or “if” it is used.