Hello fellow M&M fans:

I'm about half way through the interviewing series and have begun to prepare my new resume. Although I wasn't actively seraching for a new job, I have found a position posted up on one of the online job sites that I'm VERY interested in.

[u]My question is this:[/u] When you apply for a position online, there's rarely a contact name/phone number/email address. [b][i]HOW CAN YOU FOLLOW UP AFTER APPLYING TO AN ONLINE POSTING THAT HAS NO CONTACT INFO?[/i][/b] Is that just one of the disadvantages of applying for positions online? It sure seems that most of today's big companies are doing most, if not all, of their postings online.

Any suggestions or experiences would be greatly appreciated!


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If you know the company name, you can usually call their main number and eventually track down someone in HR/Recruiting.

You might also ask amongst your network to see if anyone knows anyone at that company. You're only six degrees from anyone, and more likely three from this one.


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If it is a recruiter advertising a position on-line they would generally at least provide telephone details. This will differ from region to region, I would guess. Even just a name and a company should be enough for you to find a phone number.

If there really are no contract details provided other than an generic email address then 1). It probably isn't a very good opportunity and B) there is not much you can do to follow up.

If things progress to a telephone screening or interview, then you can kick the Manager Tools follow up process into gear.