Could someone explain to me how the monthly personal license works?
If I buy it once, by adding it to the shopping cart, I assume it would work for a whole month from the date of buying.
What about after that? For the following month, do I have to order it again via the shopping cart or would it be automatically deducted from the payment details I entered at the time of the first purchase?

I wrote to the customer service 3 days ago, but not yet received a response.
Would be grateful if someone could guide me.

Thanks & Regards,

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Hello Sooraj,

I'm sorry you didn't receive our reply. If you get a chance, would you please check your spam folder? Our reply was sent 21 Nov.

You can purchase either an annual license or a monthly license. The license automatically renews. You can cancel your license at any time. You can find more details at



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Hello Paul,


Thank you for your reply. I also found the reply sent on 21 Nov.