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I'm currently employed and am trying to conduct a job search on the side.  

I'm having the hardest time focusing 100% on my day to day job while searching - any tips on this? 

I tend to work 10+ hours a day so now I'm having to make do with 8 (or less on interview days); I feel my accomplishments have dipped but others (I hope) have yet to notice.  Just trying to keep my calendar freed up for interviews has been tough.  And I find if I'm in some long term strategy meeting, my mind wanders to practising the cue cards for my interview. 

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... to your current job.  Do your job well.  No one is that booked up that they can't rearrange their schedule for a week or 10 days from now to get an interview during working hours or after 5 PM.

And track and measure everything.  How many postings you look at, how many company profiles you look at, how many people in your network you research, how many you apply to, etc. 

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Why are you looking?

No, really: *why* are you looking??

Is there a compelling - and motivating - reason that you're looking for a new job?

Keep that answer (and that question!) front and center!

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Cheers - this will help.  I'll just have to turn down the pressure cooker interview notices from recruiters (<48 hour notice).