I do programming for a large-volume site and have been at one company over 3 years. I am currently looking into a job change closer to home and am fortunate to have a skill that is in demand at present. I have had many unsolicited recruiters contact me about work, and I have spoken to a few, but most offer less than 3 weeks vacation, and so do my present employer. This is an issue because I need a long overdue several-week vacation out of country this year to visit my wife's family and friends in Europe.

I thought this may be a good time to quit my present job and take a 2-month hiatus from work and recharge after 3 years of a long commute before I start new work. I even have enough saved to last a year if need be.

So my question is how does this appear to potential employers to have a 2-3 month gap in employment? Would this severely hurt my ability to get a new job compared to someone who is presently employed (from the perspective of the people hiring)?

(I've been listening to the podcasts a while but this is my first post. I couldn't find this subject anywhere so excuse me if it was answered previously.)

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Look for the series of casts called "What your resume says about you". Be prepared to explain gaps in employment and you will be fine. You have the savings. You understand the job market in your area. Go. Enjoy your vacation!