Hi all


Bluff: I need your advice on how to effectively onboard a new manager direct who will be taking over a portion of an existing team that I had been managing thus far.  What do you feel I need to communicate to the newly arrived manager, and to the individuals who will be the manager's new directs?


Within our IT organisation, I currently manage a large team of business analysts, technical analysts, developers, and project managers.  The team is split across four functional streams that supports four business units.

We have hired a new manager who will report to me and take over the management of two of those functional streams, allowing me the time and opportunity to be more strategic in my focus.

I intend to pre-wire the team prior to the manager's arrival, as well as communicate my priorities to the new joiner.  My intent is to ease the joiner's transition into the team, as well as the team's acceptance of him.

What should I communicate to my new manager direct?  What should I communicate to the team who will no longer be reporting to me and will become skip-levels?