In my current employment I am being 'frozen out' by the business managers, to a point where I am now almost incidental to the role I should be playing. These sort of things happen, and I've been told this is a tactic they have employed before.

I'm wondering how best to handle this. Given the personalities involved the idea of a mature discussion is unlikely to materialise.

Should I walk away? I'm 60 years old, so getting another permanent job is going to be tough. I work in IT and over here in the UK the contractor market remains quite buoyant.

I'm also worried about how to explain this situation in an interview. Any suggestions?

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I wouldn't mention being frozen out in an interview. You may want to check out the Interview Series. It specifies to not use inter-personal problems (specifically with management) as the explained reason for leaving. I would change that to be something like this: 

Interviewer: "Tell me about why your changing positions now?"

You: "I think that I'm starting to have limited growth opportunity. As I look at the company environment I don't see the opportunities coming in the next 3-5 years. This has caused me to look for other positions that can allow me to grow both now as well as in the future, which has led me to your company now. I'm looking forward to bringing my knowledge and experience to you."

This is both more acceptable, and really gets to the heart of the problem of being frozen out. Being frozen out, while frustrating in the moment, is really a problem because it means that you won't have the ability to climb higher in the future.

I hope this helps. Really as you get ready for the job search, I would highly, highly recommend the Interview Series. Best investement you'll ever make. 

Sorry to hear that you're having these troubles at work. I hope that you're able to find something that is a better fit for you and is a more pleasant environment!

Good luck,