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I am searching for manager jobs (software engineering management). Is there any advice for how to find a job that says it practices manager-tools approach for management? I am guessing that will more likely be a place that shares similar values. I don't think has some "job postings" section (I wouldn't expect that), so it leaves me guessing if there is such a company that wholesale tries to follow this model.

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1/ Post here, asking for leads to firms in whatever locations you find interesting.

2/ Check show-notes and podcasts for mentions of companies trained.  (eg SpaceX)

3/ Check "Things I Think I Think" and its successor "Things We Think We Think" for mentions as well.

4/ Attend a nearby "Effective Manager Conference" training and network there.

5/  If there's a local Manager Tools meet-up, or you can start one, try that too.

6/ Name-drop Mark Horstman and Mike Auzanne in your interviews.  If the interviewer perks up, that's a great sign. ;-D

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I like those ideas.  Well done.