We do a monthly business update meeting that covers our current metrics and our plans for the coming month. It is popular with our employees and an effective way to get everyone on the same page.

With only 20 employees, it was not a big deal: we just all crowded into the big conference room. But it's getting difficult to fit as we grow, and I am not sure how to accomodate the 50 people we expect to have in 2020.

We're preparing to move to a new office. It doesn't make sense to build in a 50-person conference room that we only need once per month.

Any suggestions for how to fit 50 people into a monthly meeting?



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Most offices are going open plan.  Is that an option?


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We have a lot of software developers who need to focus, and a lot of support people who are on the phone a lot. So open plan has some big downsides for us.

But your idea makes a lot of sense: if we had a shared open area in the office we could use it for meetings as well as whatever its primary purpose would be.


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My group has also recently outgrown the available conference rooms, so lately we have been booking 2+ conference rooms and having a "conference call" across the hallway with eachother.  It's sort of cheesy, but we'll even put on our webcams.  It's been working well.

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Good idea, thanks!