I recently got to the final interview and I have been told I would hear from them by the end of that very same week. I did not get a call (offer) nor any email/call of rejection. I waited 3 days and made a follow up with the hiring manager (left a voicemail message) and even spoke with the HR person who said she had not idea about the outcome, but she was going to follow up with the hiring manager. She mentionned that regardless the outcome, I will get a notification about their final decision.

 It's been now a week and I don't hear from anyone. This company A is my top one preference.

In the meantime, I got to the final interview for company B. If I ever got an offer from company B, what would be the best thing to do with company A if I haven't heard from them by then? Follow up once again and mention about the "B" offer? Assume a rejection and not call them? 

Thanks! Your input will be appreciated. 

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Hi rod-a-gar,

This response is probably coming too late to make use of in the situation you describe above, but I was in the same situation a few years ago when I was out of work.

What I did was to contact Company A and explain the situation.  I told them they were my preferred choice, but Company B was also acceptable and I needed to accept Company B's offer if I didn't hear back in time.  Company A understood my dilemna, but was unable to speed up their process.  Due to being out of work, I went with the offer on the table at Company B.

Doing this preserved the relationship with Company A and I ended up taking a different job there about 3 years later.