I did follow the podcast on how to assign work to your direct and the advice on using relationship power instead of role power.

My problem arise when boss ask to assign tasks not to direct subordinate but to “colleagues” from department different from mine. I might have relationship power or good relationship with them but I lack role power that might help to get the task done.

 Sometime it seems that bosses are pushing you forward and see if you are able to have some kind of role power over colleagues outside your on hierarchy


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 I think the point of that podcast, which I finished listening to yesterday, is to use relationship power. Remember, if you have to use role power, long term, that's not good. And I know that if I felt multiple people had role power over me, I'd be uncomfortable. Perhaps you can build relationships with their boss, which would help.

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Your boss isn't asking you to gain role power, or giving it to you somehow. He's expecting you to realize that it takes MORE than role power on a regular basis, and he expects you to have good enough relationships that you can get stuff done without role power.


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Be thankful, your boss may be trying to help you develop.  In order to work in the organizations of today you often need more relationship power than role power.  Work on building your internal network.  Listen to the podcasts on building a network.  If you are continuously building and strengthening your network, it will be there when you need it.