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Hi folks,

We all know about feedback model of Manager Tool to give feedback to our directs. But if we want to know how we look from our manager's eyes and wants some feedback from them, is there any tool that we can use please?

Thank you.

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As your manager to give any advice which can you improve in your work. It will help you to get feedback.

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I agree with sharansingh.  Just ask.  

Every so often you can any combination of the following: "From a performance standpoint, how am I doing?" or "I'm looking to improve my skills and abilities, do you have any advice?" or "What can I do to improve or take the next step?" or "To prepare myself for a future promotion, what skills or abilities should I develop so I'll be ready when the time comes?"  

Just make sure you have a pen and paper ready - and then follow through and do whatever s/he says.

If your not getting feedback very often, your boss is likely to be unprepared.  You might need to prepare yourself for an ambiguous statement that is not particularly helpful.  There's a cast for that:

You may also get a statement like, "keep it up" - in which case I would follow the advice of the cast for vague feedback about taking the DISC profile to modify your behavior.  

Next time something goes wrong is a good time to ask these questions as well, because your boss is more likely to be specific. In this case you could ask something like, "ABC project went over budget.  What do you think I could have done better?" or "XYZ didn't happen as well as I was hoping.  What would you have done differently?" 

That cast has a few good questions for your boss that may help you craft your own version of the questions I list above.

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Feedback is essential for improving your performance. Simply ask your manager to provide you with feedback. You may also prepare a list of questions beforehand.

Good luck Gracie! :) For sure your manager will be happy that you want to improve!