I have posted a couple of topics recently only to find that I wasnt aware of responses until I went back into the post.  Am I missing an option to have instant email notification of new responses to my posts? 

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Before the site changed, I was getting notifications to forums posts that I answered. I too would know how to get that turned on again.



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I subscribe to the rss feeds of the forums - not quite the answer to your question, but works great for me.




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Enhancement request.  :)

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Would someone be able to give me a quick course as to how to suscribe to the RSS feed for the forums, blog, etc?

I use IE 8



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Chris, on the left is an orange icon
for RSS feeds. Click it and then click a feed and see what IE 8 does.

To the OP, this is sadly one of the things that led to me hardly visiting the site. Once it was changed from forum software to blog software the important forum-centric functionality was lost. This means I'm less engaged as I can't subscribe to topics I find interesting. Now I just see posts on Google Reader once in a blue moon. This eventually led to me not renewing my membership. I never understood why M & M decided to use a screwdriver to do the job of a wrench.

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Thanks for the reply.  I tried to use the RSS in IE and could not get it to work.  Then downloaded Google desktop reader.  The blog and forum RSS worked for a while, but, now only the blog RSS works.  The other reads "no web clips available."   I will have to try to download something else to see if it works.  Yosithezet, I agree.  Subscribing to topics was much more effective for me also.  Even for the few days my reader was working, it was much more difficult to follow threads.


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Thanks, folks.   I have our tech folks looking into this ... we'll see if we can make it a bit easier for folks to follow specfiic topics/threads in the forums.


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Much appreciated mike.  Thanks!


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Hello Mark & Mike,

First of all thak you for your podcast, it is absolutely great!

I would like to join the community, but I need a practical way of accessing the forum messages. Thunderbird would be a great tool, however it refuses to sign into the feed.

I've tried validating the forum feeds and indeed, there might be some reasons due to the feed itself:

Here is the report given by


This feed does not validate.

  • line 15, column 16: Invalid email address: jrumple (100 occurrences) [help]


  • line 731, column 146: Undefined named entity: nbsp (5 occurrences) [help]

    ... ve should a position on my team open up.&nbsp;

In addition, interoperability with the widest range of feed readers could be improved by implementing the following recommendations.

  • line 22, column 0: item should contain a guid element (100 occurrences) [help]


  • line 509, column 0: Non-html tag: o (18 occurrences) [help]

    &lt;p class=&quot;MsoNormal&quot;&gt;&lt;span&gt;&lt;o p=&quot;&quot;&gt;&lt ...

  • line 1055, column 0: style attribute contains potentially dangerous content: font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-size: medium; (8 occurrences) [help]

    <description>&lt;p&gt;&amp;nbsp;&lt;span class=&quot;Apple-style-span&quot; ...

  • line 1150, column 0: Missing atom:link with rel="self" [help]


You may want to correct it, it does not seem like a great deal of work, however some prevalidation is necessary.


Thank you,




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 Thanks, Razvan ... I'll have someone take a look at that.

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any update to this?  Almost seems silly that something so basic as reply notification still isnt working.  It would really improve the amount of activity on this site.  I'll check back to this message one day, I suppose. 

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BLUF: lists the latest comments by topic. I check it once a day or so and am able to keep up on the ongoing discussions.

I also wish I could get email notifications, especially on topics that I commented on. For now the latest comments page is a good work around.

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