I anticipate that I'll soon be asked by Senior Executives regarding where I want to work and what I want for my career. Two branches are battling to secure me as a resource going forward. How do I prepare and respond appropriately to these questions?


Negotiations are taking place between Senior Executives of Branch A and Branch B regarding whether I will work in either A or B going forward.

As an IT Manager, the work I do would be very similar in both.

Each branch is responsible for the same IT systems in our organisation. The distinction is:

  • Branch A is responsible for stabilisation and maintenance of functionality that's deployed to production
  • Branch B designs, implements and provides short-term support for major change to IT systems for the organisation.

On paper I belong to Branch A. They hired me and I've worked there for 4 years. They loaned me to Branch B for 18mths ending Mar 2014 to deliver one of the significant changes.

Branch B are now planning ahead and want to keep me permanently to implement future major changes. At this stage, Branch A are saying to Branch B that I'm not available beyond March, I have to return to Branch A.

My position

I want to stay in Branch B, but will need to maintain a good working relationship with Branch A as they work on the same systems (we need to keep on top of what each other is doing).

Branch B is more rewarding, due to the extra pressures and responsibilities. I feel it is also better for my career progression due to management structure and "visibility" of the role. I feel that going back to Branch A will be more mundane and I will be limited in future opportunities.

I anticipate that the Branch A senior executives will approach me (or go through their staff at my level that I would go back to work with again) to ask something general like "what do I want?" or "why would I want to stay in Branch B?". Until now, all Branch A have just assumed I will be coming back in March.

  • Are there some common issues I should look out for?
  • How do I respond in an appropriate political way to move toward what I want and still keep Branch A on side? If I do have to return to Branch A, I don't want to have shot myself in the foot.