I need your help.

Over the past couple of months I have noticed that there are a number of areas that I need to improve in. They are:

- Mathematics
- Memory
- Speed Reading

These are basic skills, but the role that I have recently moved into requires me to be extremely quick and accurate. For example 14% of 245.

Sure I can rely on a calculator, but when presenting a business model and looking for areas to save on... I need to be snappy and quick.

I have been looking for a game where I can spend 1 hour each day just training my skills on this. However been very unsuccessful and really only found kids games.

What I am essentially looking for is sometime found in pre-employment testing - but again, I have been unsuccessful with that search.

Any ideas? I doubt I am the first individual who has this problem.



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Check out some of the mental agility games now available for the Nintendo DS. I'm not sure if they have any titles that are exactly what you're looking for, but if they do, the convenience factor of having them available to you on a handheld device is considerable.

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You might also want to check out the BrainReady podcast, which is available via iTunes.

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I found some Brain Training games that I downloaded to my mobile - and then played on the train (or during other 'downtime').

Maybe this is something you could add to the other suggestions?