Does anyone have any advice on bringing in new staff to deliver technical solutions and getting them up-to-speed? How involved should I be?

Within the last week, I've gone from zero directs to 3. All are new to the organisation. Our mission is to deliver 10 IT solutions by September, quite a challenging timeframe. Each solution will take the same general format, made up of 3 core components. Each component in isolation is somewhat familiar to my directs. They've developed components like them before, but haven't combined them together like we do to produce the deliverable required. It's a technology they've not experienced.

Our schedule is tight, and I need development to commence next week.

As each individual's come on-board, I've given them a high-level overview of the system and the concept. I imagine I may need to do this a few more times for it to click and they start asking more and more questions.

In addition, I've given each 60 page print-out of an existing similar solution from end-to-end so they have something to reference and see how it's been done before.

My thought was to use our first deliverable as a training ground -- everyone in a room for the week, we'll build it together. My thinking is that this will get everyone on the same page and working together, and ensure each has a handle on what's going on. They all need to become familiar with the development process, what to build, what's involved, where to go for help, etc.

My concern is: Is that too much hand holding and an inefficient way? Instead, do I step back, dump it on them and see if they sink or swim, leaving it to them to drive it.

What works well for you?