Hi all,

I got promoted to a manager almost two years ago in my company (IT industry). Since then, the process to get hands off the technical stuff has been gradual and step by step. Recently I just deleted all my accounts and access to the systems: even if I would like to, I cannot get hands on anymore.

At some extend I think that's good and it helps me out to get 100% focus on management and leadership only. On the other hand, I'm loosing knowledge and touch with technology.

I won't pretend to be a manager and an engineer at same time, but keeping in touch with technology (especially if you're in a rapid change industry as IT is) is an advantatge more than a backside. Right?

How would you do that? And, if not... why?

Thanks a lot.

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If you want to be a really good manager, I think you need to let go of the tech.  Half-knowing the tech is more dangerous than not knowing it, because you'll be tempted to think "I know best", and you won't, because you're not living in the tech every day.  Your people will know the tech far better than you, and it should be them making the decisions, for that very reason.

You need to start relying on your people, and their judgment, (and your judgment of their judgment).  If you can't rely on your people, get better people.  They will have far more skin in the game than you, and having their ideas pre-empted by "the boss" will just annoy and demotivate them.

I say all this as someone who didn't do these things, and let's just say it all ended very badly.  Learn from my mistakes, and focus on the people.  That's your job now, not the technology.