Hey All,

Long time listener, first time caller (okay, maybe I've called before).

BLUF: After deciding to switch industries (and locations) I've taken a (paid) internship at a great company. This is my first corporate positions and I'd like to leverage this into a permanent role ideally in the current company or the larger organization that we are part of. I should mention that I will have a 30 minute 1 on 1 meet and great with the division CEO in two weeks. What suggestions do you have for me to leverage this role into something more permanent? How should I prepare for this meeting with the division CEO?

Background: I finished my undergraduate degree in music about six years ago. Out of school I taught music and eventually started my own business in the area of audio branding. Sadly, the business wasn't sustainable. Not all bad news because during the time I ran the business I realized how much I enjoyed business and more specifically marketing. I also realized that I had a fair bit of talent in that area as well.

Long story short I decided to make the leap from music to digital marketing. During my transition I started volunteering as a LinkedIn community manager for a great non-profit. I delivered a ton of results for them. I also spent a bit of time taking MOOCs to gain more education in my new field.

Six months after deciding to change fields I'm now an intern helping to manage social media and other digital marketing opportunities for a relatively new company that is part of a larger organization. I'm capable in this role and delivering some short term results. That said, the internship is only three months gathering full campaign data is a bit difficult.

Both our company and the larger organization are doing really well financially and continue to have growth. I suspect that either organization will have room for extra bodies, however, my position is temporary. I feel lucky to be part of the organization and also think that I have a great opportunity to leverage my meeting with the division CEO. What thoughts and ideas do you have that will help me secure a permanent role at this company?

Thank you wise MT community. Sure a great place on the WWW!