I'm a 50+ aged sales guy with a good track record of meeting and exceeding quotas in technology and enterprise software (deals that are well into the 6 figures).  I'm at this particular software company for a year-and-a-half and it should be at this point where I'm closing business, moving new deals from the suspect stage to the prospect stage to an active opportunity.

I have a few deals I'm working, and they'll require another 2 to 4 months to close.  However, new deals are not being found either through my prospecting or the company's marketing programs, and I'm getting frustrated.  My colleagues are in generally the same position.

I'm success driven and competitive.  While money's important, my satisfaction is more about contributing, performing, and helping customers.  The company's management approach is hands-off, which I like.  I'm very self-motivated.

At this stage of my career, I would like to stay at a company a while.  I'm frustrated by the amount of raw prospecting and cold-calling I'm doing without opportunities to work.  I'm further frustrated by the dearth of leads marketing has developed.  (I've created more opportunities on my own than leads provided.)

Do I begin to interview for a sales position outside the company?  Do I look to stick it out for another 5 months for a two year stint and then reevaluate?  While I've been here, I have some successes, but not nearly what I'm used to, so how is my stay at the company conveyed positively to potential employers?  It's interesting because people buy "up" for performance.  The irony is when people are doing well, they don't leave.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.