The subject says it all. If you use paper to take your one-on-one notes, how long do you keep them?

I find myself with pretty full file cabinet by the time performance appraisal comes around. I like to reference the O3 notes as I put together the annual PA, but find they have little value after that.

What's your standard practice?

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Because I have mine in bound notebooks I end up with the notes indefinitely.

If I had them in three ring binders as suggested I would keep them *at least* two years so that I could use the notes for annual goal review and evaluation (the past year & previous year) while showing a history.

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Forever. Why not?
Even though I review them in preparation for annual reviews (and quarterly progress updates!), I don't try to capture everything in the rollup.

To be honest, I don't go back into really old notes very often - but I keep them all the same.


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I'm going to try a tablet PC in short order and the OneNote solution that Mike S. showed at the Chicago Conf. in the near future. Electronically... I'll keep them forever. After a year, paper just seems like a lot of... paper. (from the Manager in a cube.)

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Chuck - a lot of people (me included) have found the tabletPC to be a pretty unsatisfactory replacement for paper. Here's my highly technical explanation: it's just....clunky.

I couldn't get past the stage where it felt like it was "getting in the way" of simply taking was like I was making something simple into something complex...

Just my two cents.

PS - If you don't like keeping the paper after a year, SCAN it into PDF's. That'll free up cube space...


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I have the tablet PC. I don't use it for notes. One note is fantastic for meetings because, quite frankly, you look cool scribbling into a laptop. It is also great for research on ideas because you can compile all kinds of information like a scrapbook. However, it is HOT and clunky sitting on my lap when I am trying to have a personal interaction with my staff. It is distracting in that situation.

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I hot forgotten about the "hot lap" problem. So true :shock:

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I trash mine about a month after giving performance reviews.

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Here's what I do: I have a MS-Word document where I type in my paper-scribbled notes from my O3's. I do this during a 30min session that I schedule for myself weekly to prepare for my O3's (I have 8 directs). I then file my paper documents by direct in a 3-ring binder for quick reference when I prepare for my quarterly performance assessments. At the end of the year, I practically recycle all paper- no sense in keeping it any longer.

What do I keep? Of course, the weekly O3 electronic files, which I save neatly by date. Each week's O3 sheet is fresh with current bulleted info that prompt me during my 10-15 minutes when I follow up on my directs. I also have a tracking of relevant feedback that I deliver during O3's (which I believe are more formal than regular feedback that I give outside of O3's).


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This is one of those topics that makes people some people squirm, some people pontificate, and some just shake their heads in wonder.

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I just finished performance reviews and have a stack of 1 on 1 sheets collated by direct sitting on a table in my office. It was tremendously beneficial to have them when I was writing up my directs appraisels but now I'm thinking that I'm going to put them in file 13 unless someone can give me a great reason to hang to them.