:?: Let me say that the MT podcasts are great and I have learned a tremendous amount listening to the MT podcasts.

I was promoted about 6 months ago and had fairly good time management, writing and clinical skills. (I am a pharmacist for a large HMO). Now there is a whole set of new skills that I need to learn:

Presentation (# has increased 100 fold)
Editing and proofreading
Project Management

How long does the average GOOD manager take to learn these skills to a competent level?

I have read/reading many of the MT recommended books and practice the skills I am learning every chance I get. Any feedback woul be appreciated.

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I think you will always be learning these skills. "Mastery" is probably an illusion in that even great managers are constantly learning new skills, new insights, and new techniques.

I'd look towards how long it takes to implement and make habit a new skill. Consider that it probably takes several months of weekly one on ones to feel like you've really GOT it and not learning something new in every breath. It probably also takes that long for your directs to really feel the benefit of it, too.

So count on always learning something new. Put new things into effect, work to make them habits, and remember effectiveness is the name of the new game.

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I think it boils down to your definition of competence.

I think most managers just "do it", and are satisfied. I was with a client recently, asked for feedback (WWW/TALA), and one of the managers came up afterwards and was STUNNED that I was very open to feedback, said thank you, and tried stuff suggested in later sessions...because so many of them thought I was "good".

The key is to KEEP learning.