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Just finished writing eight mid-year performance reviews. Took me a full work day plus most of this past weekend. Each one took several hours - Yikes. About 40 minutes to pull all the data together from various sources (including my 1:1 notebooks) and 2-3 hours to write (using SEER and SUMEX of course!). Digging up examples to use in SEER took time.

Writing meaningful performance reviews is worthwhile. [b]But am I freakishly slow[/b]?

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Yes, you're [b]freakishly[/b] slow! :-)

Seriously though, I don't recall ever taking less time than you've taken (even given all my one-on-one notes, etc.). Given it's importance, I always felt it well worth the time invested. And I absolutely did see it as an [i]investment [/i]in my folks careers.